cnc routerWhen you are looking at the best ways to engrave, etch, or cut any solid material, it will be a good option to get a CNC machine for the job, whether you want to get a hobby, mini, or a larger more commercial CNC equipment. Your choice in machines depends on what type of material you want to cut or engrave as well as the type of industry you are working in…not to mention the amount of capital you have to invest.


CNC platforms, equipment, parts can also vary in quality, speed, reliability, ease of use, etc.  So when you are out comparing reviews and prices, its a good idea to look at the better brands with a track record as well as the different kinds of accessories and other equipment that you may want to add later on.

The most important aspect, however, of a CNC machine is the software, as this is the main operational feature of these engravers. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and this type of machine works by way of a pre-entered sequence or programmed pattern that is sent to the cutting device. A CNC machine utilizes various types of software depending on the type of machine and materials that you plan on engraving or cutting. For instance, a wood CNC machine will use different software to that of a metal lathing machine or acrylic CNC machine. With some computer programs, you can change the settings depending on what you want them to do, whether you want to etch wood, or cut automotive parts.  

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Getting a Wood CNC Machine

With cutting or engraving wood, you can choose from 2D machines, and with any wood CNC machine you can get a rotary tool attachment that you can create any 3D shape. A wood CNC machine normally uses multiple separate heads that can either be used individually or simultaneously. Additionally, these machines normally come with a dust collector built in to the machine, but you can also get a separate attachment for this. When working with wood there is a lot of debris and dust, which is why a collector tray is so important. The wood CNC machines normally reach speeds of between 13 thousand and 24 thousand RPM. Also, because you are working with wood, the cutting table usually has a suction to keep the wood pieces in place. Sometimes a pod will be used to lift the wood off the table […]